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Anyone can start an ISA program with Check. Start issuing ISAs in as little as three minutes.

// THIS IS A SAMPLE // Import your preferred HTTP request library and define test secret key const fetch = require('node-fetch'); const SECRET_KEY = 'sk_demo_check_06082699f953587d192cc08d092901ab'; // Create an ISA and assign it to a student const response = await fetch("", { method: "POST", headers: { "Content-Type": "application/vnd.api+json", "Accept": "application/vnd.api+json", "Authorization": `Bearer ${SECRET_KEY}` }, body: JSON.stringify({ user: '5d6dfa6154b9fe3d6cef2214', incomePercentage: 17, incomeThreshold: 50000, maxNumberOfPayments: 24, maxNumberOfDeferrals: 60, paymentCap: 30000, }) }) const { isa } = await response.json() // Click “▶ run” to try this code live and assign an ISA to a student.

Plug-and-Play ISAs

Create and assign ISAs to your students within five minutes. We'll handle the rest.

  • Automated Billing

    Billing your students' ISAs is completely automated and compliant in the United States.
  • Income Verification

    Check links directly with students' bank accounts to accurately verify new valid income streams.
  • Contract Management

    Check ISAs are completely legal and compliant with U.S. law. We even provide electronic contracts.

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